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Welcome to the Wiki for TMA4145 Linear Methods.

About the Course

The primary aim of this course is:

That the students learn how to use the tools needed to study the space of complex-valued continuous functions on the interval [0,1][0,1] (C([0,1],)C([0,1],\mathbb{C})).

The tools needed to study this space can be divided into the following sections:

What is C([0,1],)C([0,1],\mathbb{C})?
Metric Spaces
How do we describe things in C([0,1],)C([0,1],\mathbb{C})?
Vector Spaces
How can we simplify C([0,1],)C([0,1],\mathbb{C})?
Hilbert Spaces
What is the best description of C([0,1],)C([0,1],\mathbb{C})?